Cross Point Ministries was founded for the purpose of providing a spiritual retreat for young Christians, away from worldly distractions, where they can experience the presence and power of God in a life-changing way through fellowship, worship, prayer, and reflection.

Our goal as Christians is to be changed into the likeness of Christ. The ability to recognize the daily presence of God in our lives is a powerful and indispensable tool in that process of change. At Cross Point Ministries, we believe that our goal as Christians is not to simply know about God, but to be in relationship with Him. Unfortunately, our ability to recognize and to experience God's presence in our lives is too often dulled by the noise of the world around us. Our lives are too hectic to stop and listen for the small, still voice of God.

Our culture of "busyness" is being passed on to a new generation. Today's youth are bombarded with activity - school, sports, clubs, dance teams and music lessons. They have cell phones, instant messaging, personal entertainment systems, video games, hundreds of television channels, and the internet. They have cars to get where they want to go and money to burn when they get there. More than ever before, our youth are inundated with distractions.

Cross Point Retreat was established to provide a place where youth workers can accompany teenagers in experiencing the presence of God through ancient spiritual disciplines such as Christian meditation, centering prayer and sacred scripture reading. We want to empower churches and other Christian organizations to disciple young believers into life-changing routines of spiritual practice that will define them as they continue to mature physically and spiritually.

In addition to hosting youth retreats, we offer Cross Point Retreat as a place of solitude for pastors and youth workers. We sponsor workshops for leading youth workers in the experience of ancient spiritual disciplines, and we offer our site to spiritual directors who work with local pastors.

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