The development of the retreat has been funded through foundation grants and individual charitable giving, and our desire is to complete all physical improvements so that user fees will be set to cover only the cost of utilities, insurance and maintenance. Our progress to date also reflects substantial contributions of labor, professional services, equipment and materials. To assist in completing our work and to sustain our ongoing operations, we are still in need of assistance.

If you share our vision for God's work at Cross Point Retreat, there are many ways that you can help.

Prayer - We seek God's guidance and blessing. We are convinced that God will complete the good work that he has started if we stay on the path that He has charted. Therefore, we ask for your earnest prayers that God will reveal His will and purpose in this ministry to our board members, officers and other leaders and that they would listen for, and follow, God's guidance in everything that we do.

Talents - We welcome anyone who wishes to use their talents to serve God through our ministry. If your talents intersect our needs, we would welcome your help and advice. We need everything from skilled tradespeople to people who can plant a tree. If God has put it on your heart to help with this ministry, chances are good that you have a specific talent that we could use.

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