"We had a great weekend.  Thanks for creating such a great place for us to get away, rest and remember all that God has done and is doing!  We will definitely be back! Words that people kept using were: comfy, feels more like a home than a retreat, it feels like we're one big family for the weekend, relaxing, etc.  We were truly blessed to be there this weekend.  We focused on the word "devoted" from Acts 2:42, and your place helped us stay devoted to prayer and fellowship."
"Thanks for all you did to make our men's retreat a success.  We appreciate your foresight in knowing that groups like ours need a close-in (yet far away) retreat; we're glad you made it so big (yet so welcoming); and I'm particularly thankful that you were so gracious in all the phone calls that you got from me.  Thanks so much.  The combination of bunks and private rooms was pretty ideal.  You all designed the facility well."  

"Thanks for allowing us to have our retreat at Cross Point this weekend!  It's a beautiful, special place.  I know many rich spiritual encounters are in store for lots of folks in the years to come.  Thank you for the generosity and foresight to establish such a great ministry!"

"We had a wonderful experience. Everything was absolutely perfect. What an amazing place!"

"Thank you for providing such a wonderful place.  All the ladies enjoyed their time there. We felt the presence of the Lord. Cross Point is a special place."

"What a wonderful blessing Cross Point is to all of us.  It was comfortable, roomy and even in the rainy cold, we enjoyed a prayer walk and solitude at the many different views, benches, etc. provided outside.  Thanks for allowing us to enjoy this facility again."

Thank You, Cross Point
T ears of
H appiness
A wakens
N ew emotions
K nowing
Y ou
O h Lord gives me the
U ltimate peace
C leansing and
R estful
O pen
S paces and
S cenery so
P eaceful and precious
O nly wish
I t would be a
N ever-ending
T ime